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Northampton PASR

Message from NCC PASR President

Message from NCC PASR President
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A Message from the

President of the Northampton County Chapter, PASR


       We are all retired School Personnel, and over the years we've had a greater effect on our communities than we sometimes realize. Occasionally, we get a few "up-front reminders".  For example --

       In January, Phil Spaziani, our Chapter's Legislative Committee Chairman, organized a breakfast meeting for his group with the State Legislators from our area, and I also felt obligated to attend. When Bethlehem's State Representative, Steve Samuelson, entered the room, he said, "Good morning, Mr. Christ! You were a teacher at Liberty High School when I was a student there! That was in the late 1970's, wasn't it?"

        Last November, I had a long-standing appointment in the Doctor’s Pavillion at St. Luke’s Hospital, so I left my car in the parking deck and took the walkway to the second floor entrance, and pressed the elevator call-button to go to the top floor. When the elevator door opened, there stood a young man in his green hospital uniform. I stepped aboard and as the door closed, he asked, “Your last name is Christ, isn’t it?” I replied, “Yes, why do you ask?” As the elevator moved upward, he said, “You were my history teacher at Freedom High School! Or, maybe it was English? Anyway, you were really cool!” Then the elevator stopped at the third floor, where he stepped off. The door closed again, and as I made my way to the top floor of the building, I had a feeling that he’d just somehow “made my day.”

         When Liz and I returned home from visiting her 92 year old mother in Stuttgart, Germany, the very first message on our telephone answering-machine was the voice of a former Broughal Middle School student, who said, “Hi, Mr. Christ. How are you and the missus doing? I just called to tell you that I’ve bought my first house! Please give me a call when you can. My phone number is --.”  So, naturally, I returned the call.

        These incidents happen at the most unexpected times throughout the course of a year, but each of them is a reminder of the long-lasting influence that the school personnel have on the lives of their students.


          Perhaps, you’ve had some similar experiences which you’d like to share with us?



Joseph F. Christ

2402 Forest Drive

Coopersburg, PA  18036-9250

Phone (610)838-0862


Chapter Officers & Committee Chairmen