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Northampton PASR
Community Service
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Community Service
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In the Spring of each year, Northampton County Chapter of PASR distributes Community Service Volunteer surveys to all its members. The members are asked to complete the survey with the number of volunteer hours which they perform in the various categories throughout the community for the year.


 Northampton Community Service Committee reviews the Surveys and selects an outstanding Volunteer of the Year.  The Volunteer of the year is chosen for the the number of volunteer hours, diversification of volunteerism,  and the volunteerism's impact on the community.


During the fall meeting of Northampton PASR Chapter, an appreciation ceremony is conducted for the Chapter's Outstanding Volunteer of the Year. The Community Service Chairperson presents a "V-shaped" PASR volunteer pin to the Volunteer of the Year.

At the Regional meeting PASR Certificate of Appreciation is presented to the Honoree by the chapter's Community Service Chairman.


2004 Northampton
Volunteer of the Year
Janice Beck was the recipient 
of a PASR State Certificate of
Appreciation from Northampton
Community Service Chairman,
June Jones. 


Educational Support Foundation